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Sacred Sage & Smudge Supplies

White Sage, Yerba Santa, Eucalyptus combo Smudge aids in emotional healing, releasing grief and lifting heavy depression.

White Sage with Rose Petals        White Sage Bulbs

Yerba Santa & White Sage          Palo Santo Sticks

White Pine & Mugwort 

White Pine with Mugwort and Lavender Protection Wands help protect you from unwanted energies and influences. Can be used to bless a new home. This burns with a light refreshing scent. 

For centuries Herbs have been used to smudge as a precursor to ceremonies, rituals, and prayers in the Middle East, Far East, South America, and North American cultures. Religions around the world and Native Americans burn herbs in various forms as a vital way to complete sacred work. Smudging with herbs helps to clear stuck and low vibration energies, can open doorways into our consciousness, and allow for insights into the spirit world. You can smudge people, places, and things.

Bay Leaf – smudging with bay leaves is known to work as a mood booster and has multiple uses from protection, healing and calming to aiding in bringing success, and victory.

Black Sage – Mugwort mixed with white sage is called Black Sage; used to clear psychic channels and remove energetic blocks to allow for clear vision; helps to restore balance in the third eye and in dream states.

Blue Sage – calming and meditative; cleanses, attracts.

Calendula Flower – opens the heart chakra and calms the mind; traditionally used for purification and ceremonial uses.

Cedar – often used to cleanse a new home and to protect against unwanted spirits/energies.

Cinnamon – increases energy and motivation, welcoming luck and prosperity, aids in healing.

Clove – used to drive away hostile, negative forces. For psychics, this herb is known as the psychic enhancer. It is also used to raise spiritual vibrations and to purify the area.

Copal – aromatic and cleansing; the vibrational energy of copal brings a positive and loving energy that will fill your home with peace. Copal is linked to the crown chakra making it perfect to use before meditation.

Desert Sage – known as the desert rose; holds the same cleansing properties as white sage, but the scent is entirely different. Desert sage is used to ward off bad feelings and influences.

Dragon’s Blood – amplifies your intentions, prayers, and rituals alone or when combined with other smudges. Be careful what you wish for.

Eucalyptus – cleansing; widely believed to effectively ward off evil and repel enemies who are troubling your home or job. The leaves are also said to help a weak person cast off evil; that is, to ensure a final break with wicked companions or to put a stop to personal weakness such as a drug, alcohol, or tobacco habit.

Frankincense – cleans and protects the soul; eases depression, nourishes the crown chakra; purifies the energy of a space or object.

Juniper – helps to protect, welcome happiness, positivity, and healing.

Lavender – a safeguard against evil; used for the invitation of helpful spirits.

Myrrh – clears the path to truth and helps to maintain a state of enlightenment.

Mountain Sage – a lighter alternative to white sage, it cleans and purifies and softens hardened energies Mountain sage is used to promote new beginnings, build strength and for space clearing.

Mugwort – when mixed with white sage it’s called Black Sage. Used alone, mugwort is used for smudging, cleansing purposes and to open the third eye. The herb brings clarity, deepens intuitive abilities and removes unwanted energy.

Mullein – Mullein is a sacred plant that supports the return of lost energy. Use mullein to help you return your mind to peace; to aid in restful sleep.

Oregano – powerful to deepen a heart connection with yourself and others; lessens the effects of harmful words and thoughts; expedites good luck and protection; aids in letting go of passed loved ones and can help them move on too; calms nerves and allows for clarity, draws in happiness.

Palo Santo (holy wood) – used to lift spirits, helps attract new and lighter energies

Panacium Flower – cleanses negativity and promotes positivity; calms the mind; aids in all healing.

Peppermint – refreshing, soothing, uplifting.

Prairie Sage – has similar properties to mugwort; can be used as an insect repellant.

Red Satice – powerful support against dark energies.

Rosemary – helps to clear out unwanted spirits.

Seven Chakra White Sage w/Rose Petals – white sage with rose petals for chakra awareness and cleansing.

Thyme – removes obstacles, mind blocks, and negative feelings; works as a memory booster.

White Pine – promotes healing, purification and protection; repels illness. Both a peacekeeper and a way-finder. Associated with prosperity and good health. Used for blessing a new home or situation. In Druid lore, pine trees stand for persistence, moderation, and self-confidence.

White Sage – the grandaddy of one-stop smudging for protection and purification. Used to bless, cleanse, and heal the person or object being smudged, and to wash off the negative influences of the outside world; known for its antibacterial properties.

Yerba Santa – helps to heal emotional wounds, removes emotional stagnation and inflammation; can aid in lifting depression.

How to Sage Your House:

With a match, light your Smudge over or in an abalone shell or other fireproof vessel. Let the flame burn a few seconds before blowing it out so that it emits smoke. The spirit of the plant expands with its smoke. Allow it to gather in the shell, then fan it with a feather or your hand into each corner of each room in your house. Start at the front entrance on the lowest floor. Walk the entire house starting on the left, one room at a time, moving in a clockwise fashion. The smoke will find its way as you progress from room to room. The Smudge will burn as it needs to. Allow the Smudge to go out on its own accord once your cleansing ceremony is complete. If your smudge bundle ignites and burns like wild-fire, and doesn’t have a problem staying lit, it is a good sign that it is working. Never tamp out smudges while burning, it is like telling it you don’t want it to work. Allow it to finish on its own, so plan your time accordingly. Open windows once complete.



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