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Don't let the stressors of daily life chunk up your chi or suck your spirit dry. 

Energy Body OM bOMbs 

were designed by Ellen Marie Francisco, an energy healing clairvoyant, and her Spirit Guides to aid multi-dimensional healing. Each bOMb works its magic while you relax in your bath.

There is one OM bOMb for each of the seven major chakras in the energy system, two for the auric, and one for the astral body. Each OM bOMb is made with a blend of oils that work to stimulate, nourish, and support its corresponding chakra.

The astral OM bOMb is good for those who suffer from nightmares or experience discomfort as a result of astral traveling.


Sacred Bath

Energy Body OM bOMbs

Medicinal & Therapeutic Support for the

Subtle Body

Made with Medical Grade Essential Oils

in a Coconut Oil Base

Unique formulas for all 7 Chakras, the Aura, and the Astral Body ​combine ​medical grade essential oils with organic coconut oil to stimulate the vital hubs of the subtle body, while an Epsom salt blend draws out impurities.

Find your sacred space in an aromatic Sacred Bath and let the healing begin.


The 7 Cube

This is a great way to find your favorite. All seven chakra Energy Body OM bOMbs in a clear box.

Seventh - crown chakra - purple/magenta - connection

Sixth - third eye chakra - deep blue - vision

Fifth - throat chakra - blue - authenticity

Fourth - heart chakra - green - healing, love

Third - solar plexus - yellow - power

Second - sacral chakra, orange sexuality, creativity

First - root chakra - red - grounding, trust

The Chakras & Aura

Simple attention to your subtle body can be soul-saving, mood-boosting, health-preserving, and deeply nourishing. I invite you to say hello to your unseen parts and honour their desire to move towards balance. Allow the essential oils to work their own magic in a Sacred Bath. Which Energy Body OM bOMb you need depends on where you feel imbalanced and challenged, and where your soul wants to grow and expand. 


The Chakras are part of the energetic body and are easily affected by everything that happens to us. They are meant to spin in a circular fashion as they absorb energetic information from everywhere around them. They open during happy, faithful moments, and close down when threatened or taxed in any way.  They communicate with the auric system that surrounds us, the energetic system's "skin". 


In subtle ways, often not seen by the naked eye, they transmit and store information about our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual experiences in this life and in all the others that came before it. Everyday stressors can create imbalances in how this information is transmitted and can affect the chakras individually and collectively. This can wreak havoc in all kinds of ways, seen and unseen. Spiritual growth can stimulate lower chakras to remove densities and old stagnated energies just as much as can intense astrological transits that hit our fluid bodies like currents in a raging storm. To say the human energy system is complex is certainly an understatement. 


I am honoured to see the human energy system with my psychic vision and have learned first hand through thousands of healing sessions with clients how to unwind energetic patterning that's compromising the health of the overall system and all the bodies within it. As a psychic I access the information hovering in the aura to gain a better understanding of what is influencing a person's state of mind, how vulnerable they are to outside influences, even how their soul wants to grow in this life and where it wants to go. I access the information in the chakras to better understand where someone's resistances lie and what stage in their evolutionary path they are on, and how well they are connected to their own godforce energy. The chakras tell me the truth about what's really going on in someone's inner most thoughts, truest heart, and deepest soulful callings.



First Chakra - the root chakra is located at the base of the spine. Worry and fear live in the root chakra. A distrust in the earth is common, as is a sense of not belonging. It's very hard to manifest properly when this chakra is out of balance. Because most of our past life content is stored in this chakra, when it gets activated or triggered it can release "death pictures" from previous lives, releasing old fears as well, making us irrational in our actions, and stunting our ultimate growth. Surrender is the antidote. It is very easy for the astral body to start drifting up out of the crown chakra if this chakra holds trapped emotions or traumas, or ironically, there is a fear in facing them. Resonate color is red. When balanced, this chakra helps ground to earth energy, invoking more trust in one self and the ability to provide basic needs of survival. Abundance lives here in balanced places.


Second Chakra - the sacral chakra is located just below the navel. It connects to sexuality and creativity. When balanced, one has a decent sense of humor, is friendly, optimistic, and has a clear connection to their creative and sexual energy. When it's blocked you're probably struggling with your self-image and feel disconnected to people. 


Third Chakra - the solar plexus is between the heart and sacral chakras - yellow - power


Fourth - heart chakra - green - healing, love

Fifth - throat chakra - blue - authenticity

Sixth - third eye chakra - deep blue - vision

Seventh - crown chakra - purple/magenta - connection






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