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Please note...readings are just as effective whether they are in-person, on the phone or on zoom. 

You can book a reading or healing using my online scheduler by hitting the button above. If you'd like a reading today or tomorrow, please call or text 613 601 0565 as my scheduler does not always allow for same-day bookings. Please indicate whether you want a phone, zoom, or in-person reading.

PARTIES: Have an unforgettable gathering with a unique twist. Whatever your occasion, it can be fun and informative. For parties of 5 - 100 let us design a memorable event your guests will talk about for years to come. 

We start with some of the best psychics in the region, combined with a fantastic menu, with add-ons of unique and artisan-crafted products. Whether you choose a Mother's Day Tea Leaf Reading Party, or a Valentine's Destined to Love Party, or a Halloween Dead & Buried Medium Party, we've got you covered.  

Mary L.

My readings with Ellen have been powerful, insightful, and deeply felt spiritual experiences. She is an extremely clear vessel, which is why her messages are so pure and resonate so profoundly for her clients. Ellen doesn't predict the future; she sees it. My first reading with her revealed not only the ways in which a significant relationship would change, but when and why this man would choose to step out of my life. Every single detail proved true; even the timing was spot-on down to the very week! Ellen has many tools in her spiritual toolkit and is adept at using every one. Whether you're looking for guidance for your future, seeking to understand your past, or in need of healing your mind, body, or spirit, call Ellen. Do it now! I promise you will never regret it.

Heidi B.

Ellen Marie showed tremendous insight during her recent psychic reading. Without knowing about my 3 major abdominal surgeries, she saw that my solar plexus had "been ripped open." Then she offered guidance for helping that chakra heal and move back into place. She offered a lot of encouragement for my spiritual journey, noting how difficult it had been and yet saying I was very close to the end of that cycle. I am very happy with our session together.


I came into my reading with Ellen Marie determined not to give anything away. I wasn't sure she was the real was I shocked (and instantly in tears) when she opened her mouth and started reading the energies around me. I'm a really private person, but there was no hiding from those psychic eyes of hers. I got way more than I bargained for her, and thank God, because I needed the insight and help understanding some perplexing challenges. 


Clairvoyant, Tarot 


30 minutes



Clairvoyant, Tarot 


30 minutes


Tarot Reading

one hour



Clairvoyant Chakra Reading & Healing w/ 


one hour



Clairvoyant, Tea Leaf Readings    

in Person            



Better than Therapy 

10 x 1 hour sessions                




Energy Healing in-person

30 minutes


Energy Healing         on zoom

30 minutes


Energy Healing in Person

one hour


Third Eye Wide

   5 weeks



bath bombs & sage 


Psychic Parties




Try a Series of Sessions

Sessions are available in economic bundles for those wanting to do deep transformational work in short bursts of time.

"This was my first reading ever. Ellen's reading was completely accurate and very empowering. She told me a lot of information that lifted my spirits and helped me resolve a lot of my current issues."

"I had an incredible experience. It gave me a really good overview of my obstacles and how to handle them. She gave me the inspiration to use my gifts."

"This experience was way more than I expected. Ellen was spot on with her reading. It was awesome to be read by someone so in tune."

Morph into You

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