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Please note:  I am doing in-person readings in Ottawa, London, and Sudbury, ON this month.



Ultimately it is my goal to give as clear an insight into any concern you may have using any combination of my natural talents and acquired skills. Often people are stuck on the "whats" of life. Understanding the "whys" can allow tremendous growth and healing.

What good is a READING if you don't know what to do about the energies that present themselves? 

By the end of your reading, you will have a clear understanding of how to work with what's happening with you and have a better understanding of your direction.

Clairvoyant Reading:  I tune into your name vibration to find your "channel". Once tuned in, I get visions and describe what I see. I can work from an overview perspective in a reading, or with specific questions to help you receive the information you need. We can go back in time or into the future allowing for helpful insights into all aspects of your life and relationships.

Mediumship Reading:  Connecting with loved ones who have passed on is an enlightening experience. Often those closely connected with you in life are hovering close at hand to guide you and help you on your path. They may have been the ones that brought you here today. Sometimes your loved ones are determined to speak with you and use someone like me to talk through. Other times you are the one that must connect with them but you may have missed their signals or closed off your connection to them without even knowing it. A medium works both sides of life - the here and now - and the sweet hereafter. Your loved ones are often anxious to connect to you, because many of their spiritual contracts include helping you from both sides of life as well. Your loved ones give me insights that I pass on to you. These sessions can be extremely healing to those left behind and can offer a perspective the client may not have considered.

Transformational Energy Healing:  In a healing session I start by assessing the state of your human energy system - I look at the individual chakras, at the aura, I check to see how each individual piece is connecting as a whole system, how connected you are to cosmic energy, how you ground into earth and whether those connections are stable. From there I start grounding off everything you've already let go of that may still be in your system and look to see what healing objectives you have on a spiritual level. I align and balance chakras, clear out blocks in energy channels, cleanse the aura, and release energy cords that might limit your growth and ability to manifest your goals. Your higher self guides the healing almost as much as I do by leading me to the "heart of the matter" in a way that is freeing, and healing and ultimately transformational.

Healing Work 

In HEALINGS, I am accessing information stored in the energy body and presenting it in a way that supports growth and forward momentum. 

Cleansing your energetic system can have an incredible impact on your energy level, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. The benefits are endless. You will feel lighter, more in touch with your essence, and your purpose in life.

Chakra Reading

Gives insights on what's in and out of balance in your energy system and what themes of growth you're working on. a full-System tune-up is included in this reading


communication with departed loved ones can often bring resolution to unresolved thoughts and feelings, soften the grieving process, and increase your connection to those you miss


Clairvoyant Reading

This reading covers past, present, and future by looking at timelines, contracts, and energetics. Specific questions can be addressed. discover hidden truths about those close to you.

Chakra Healing

our chakras and aura take a beating all the time with the demands of our inner world and outer world. Chakras can become malformed, over-stuffed with foreign matter, loaded down with internal toxins being processed by the physical body and more. emotions, thoughts, and cosmic information can wreak havoc on the system. each chakra individually, and collectively hold truths about how challenged the body is at any time. chakra healing is psychic surgery through thought forms and intention that allows light and frequency to strengthen weaknesses.

Cord Cutting

it is part of the human experience to be "corded" energetically into those we love or rely upon. cord cutting is psychic surgery that allows for the removal of energetic cords of attachment.

It is helpful when you need a reset with difficult personalities in your life, or after you've undergone a lot of emotional growth and psychological CHANGE AND DON'T WANT OLD PATTERNS TO HOLD YOU BACK FROM EXCITING NEW GROWTH.

Curse Removal

if you feel cursed realize you are partly responsible for your own energetic truths. If you feel under attack, shoring up energetic weaknesses in your system and fortifying your auric system is the only way to combat the feeling of being cursed, or vulnerable to outside forces. if you have energetic sovereignty then it is unlikely that even if someone "curseD" you would be unaffected.

it is illegal in some jurisdictions to do "curse removal" work. it is a very bad sign if a reader says to you "for extra money I'll remove that curse." you're probably being scammed. 


Mary L.  May, 2021

My readings with Ellen have been powerful, insightful, and deeply felt spiritual experiences. She is an extremely clear vessel, which is why her messages are so pure and resonate so profoundly with her clients. 

Ellen doesn't predict the future; she sees it. My first reading with her revealed not only the ways in which a significant relationship would change, but when and why this man would choose to step out of my life. 

Every single detail proved true; even the timing was spot-on down to the very week! Ellen has many tools in her spiritual toolkit and is adept at using everyone. 

Whether you're looking for guidance for your future, seeking to understand your past, or in need of healing your mind, body, or spirit, call Ellen. Do it now! 

I promise you will never regret it.

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