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9AM - 8PM


10AM - 7PM


12PM - 5PM


PLEASE NOTE: my schedule fluctuates according to the demands of my clientele, my own psyche, my psychic touring schedule, and ultimately, the ever-interesting demands of the unseen Spiritual forces at play in my life and yours day to day. It may seem confusing at first glance what my actual working hours are, but you will no doubt get the time that makes the most sense for your highest good. Please do not hesitate to ask for odd-hour appointments, I will do my best to accommodate. 


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If this is your first visit to my website, welcome! 

Often people find me when they are in crisis or when they are seeking clarity around situations that are confusing to sort through.

As a token of my appreciation for visiting today, please use this form to ask one question. I will get back to you shortly with helpful insights. 

Life is complicated, but we don't have to be. 

When asking your one question, please include your complete birth name. Thanks. I look forward to helping you find answers.

Much love for now.

Ellen Marie Francisco

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