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 Welcome to my website! 

I am available for phone and zoom readings this week and you can book one on this website. 

I am available for in-person readings in Ottawa for the month of August. Please text me with a preferred date and time for an in-person reading and I'll get back to you. 

I will be using my "Peace Pit" travel trailer, equipped to do readings and smudge ceremonies in parks around southern Ontario, so stay tuned to where those locations are. It will be a fun way to get a reading and learn more about clearing your energy field with plant medicine. 


You can check the "Events" tab to see which Psychic Fairs I'm doing this year in Ontario and beyond as well as other events I'm scheduled for.

Having a party? Consider a Psychic Tea Party or Tarot Reading Party.  Call for details.

My Third Eye Wide class series is starting in 2023. Class description is in "Services" under "Classes". 

Please let me know if you want more information. 




Thu 26 Oct 2023

Wonderful experience! She is warm, kind and very intuitive. Her sensing was spot on and I was able to receive true guidance.



Thu 21 Sep 2023

I had a really great experience with Ellen. She was so kind and took extra time to help me and answer my questions. I'm still amazed by some of the things she said and how accurate she was. For the following three days I couldn't stop thinking about it, there's no way she could have known! :)

There was one thing she said that didn't resonate. It had to do with my business and something about Vienna, Austria. The night before, I had been looking for website designers and there were three that stood out to me so I saved them. The night of the reading, I went back to my search, I open my favourite of the three and what do I see.... they're based in Vienna! I don't know but I'll take that as a sign and I can't wait to see where this will take me.

I went to Ellen hoping to get the answer to something I've been struggling with for a long time and she gave me that answer. It's so simple but completely opened my mind because it never occurred to me before. Ellen has helped me enormously, she's really gifted, and I highly recommend her ♡

Al Fraser

Wed 09 Aug 2023

Always an opportunity to receive great insight into matters of concern. Thank you.

Dilek M.

Thu 03 Aug 2023

Felt better after reading ! Thank you dear


Wed 02 Aug 2024

Insightful and uplifting!


Wed 05 Apr 2023

Excellent reading, gave a lot in insight as to what was currently happening in my life and past family members who are still around me in spirit.


 04 Apr 2023  

Wonderful and pleasant to talk to. Energy was great


 05 Apr 2023  

Excellent reading, gave a lot of insight as to what was currently happening in my life and past family members who are still around me in spirit.


10 Mar 2023

I am so glad to have that reading with you, such truth to my guidance along with a lot of clarity as I continue on my journey, thank you so much you are truly gifted and amazing🙂


France Marengere

08 Feb 2023

It was great!


22 Nov 2022

Ellen is amazing! Her reading was accurate. Appreciate her generosity and kindness. Would highly recommend!


17 Oct 2022 

Rating: 5 out of 5 Review

I had a wonderful experience with Ellen. After the loss of my dog, I needed help grieving and healing and she helped me with that. She validated so much for me to help me in this hard process. I am grateful she has shared her gift with me. Will definitely be back !



05 Oct 2022

Very helpful and capable!


Patty D

05 Oct 2022

Ellen is truly amazing! Calming and reassuring and has really helped to settle me with her energy work. Ellen continues to guide my healing journey and celebrates my growth and successes as I work my way through. I appreciate checking in with her from time to time.



21 Sep 2022

Very gifted and professional and wonderful!



13 Sep 2022

Pleasant woman, gave me so much clarity.



29 Aug 2022

This was my first experience doing a psychic reading, and it was a great experience, very spot on. It has convinced me to book a medium reading with her the next time.



23 Aug 2022

Is very accurate with her reading. Helped by guiding me into making the best decision that's good for me. I really did enjoy the reading because she was gentle too. I would definitely do another reading.


Lauren M

22 Aug 2022

My first time having a reading and I was blown away by the accuracy of Ellen and her reading for me. It meant a lot and I will definitely be reaching out again. Thank you very much.



17 Aug 2022

Had a great experience with Ellen. She was able to see so much of what was going on in my life, what I was going through, and told me how to deal with my emotions, and guided me on the next steps in life. I will see her again. Thanks 🙏 Ellen



09 Aug 2022

Ellen provides so much clarity in one's life!


Sahlaa M

29 Jul 2022

Ellen is the most incredible psychic and energy healer I have ever met. Bang on every time.


Penny MacLeod

09 Jul 2022

Wonderful experience with a truly gifted and authentic empath/psychic/clairvoyant. So much information, given in a clear, down-to-earth manner, which gave so much clarity. Highly recommend Ellen Marie!






Penny MacLeod

09 Jul 2022

Wonderful experience with a truly gifted and authentic empath/psychic/clairvoyant. So much information, given in a clear, down-to-earth manner, which gave so much clarity. Highly recommend Ellen Marie!



02 Jul 2022

Ellen was great. Very professional and she was very accurate. Will be seeing her again:)



23 Jun 2022

Was an overall positive experience. I come from the engineering world, so am a skeptic, but I enjoyed my time.



17 May 2022

I was never one to go to a psychic but after a recent life event, I decided to explore this route. Definitely a good move. It didn't close the loop, and I did not expect it to, but it was a great experience and helped me tremendously. I would recommend her service, and I will likely be back once I digest what I experienced.


Tony C.

29 Mar 2022

Had an amazing experience! Ellen was able to give me so much insight into my life at hand and eloquently articulate what I was going through and where I was stuck and also how to move through it. It gave me so much clarity and guidance on my next steps ahead and that meant everything to put me at ease. Thank you so much Ellen!


Nathalie M.

04 Mar 2022

Ellen was amazing. She is warm, kind, and gifted. I truly enjoyed my reading.


Josh M.

01 Mar 2022

Amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience


Deluka M.

21 Feb 2022

Delightful experience. Easy to talk to, and very insightful. Would certainly recommend. Thank you Ellen


Spencer Guerin

07 Feb 2022

Ellen was great! Will be back



26 Nov 2021

Excellent meeting. I will be happy to see you again Ellen. Sensitive, intelligent, and caring lady. You were spot on many things, I look forward to our next meeting.



11 Nov 2021

I truly appreciate Ellen using her energy and providing me with insights. I barely said a word and I was surprised by the numerous things she caught on and knew. I’m glad she provided me with clarity and guidance to go forward. I was very confused about what to do and I left with confidence. I appreciate her speaking the truth and also looking out for what I need. Thank you Ellen and for spending the time with me. That was a great experience.


Ashley R.

01 Nov 2021

Ellen is a phenomenal intuitive who deeply cares and over-delivers in her sessions. She has guided me the last few months through a major transition helping me to stay grounded.


Brooklyn H.

25 Oct 2021

This was my first time using any service like this. It was very interesting and I had a good experience.


Ali L.

29 Sep 2021

Great session! Ellen is warm-hearted and easy to talk to. Thank you for all your guidance!


Michael B.

02 Jul 2021

I had a Zoom session with Ellen today and was very impressed. She's truly intuitive and immediately homed in with regard to what's happening in my life and where I want to go. She was able to confirm my own sense of what's happening. Ellen is kind, sincere, and practical.


Kathlene M.

03 Aug 2021

It was wonderful meeting you last week!! You are such a beautiful, amazing woman, and very gifted! I really enjoyed the reading - it helped me to validate this entire internal process I've been going through over the last year to year and a half. From the reading perspective, it's helping me re-frame all the internal stuff going on into a positive rather than feeling like there's something wrong with me. For quite a while I started feeling like I couldn't manage to get the regular day-to-day things done and that I really needed help! Since the reading though, everything has improved. I feel my energy is clearer, I'm happier, I'm able to focus on my tasks much better. I think we even got that sacral chakra moving - if you associate stuck energy in the sacral chakra with being sluggish or procrastination with tasks, I feel that's being cleared more and more.


07 Jun 2021

I'm giving 5 STAR to MORPH into YOU to accompany the review I just submitted!!!


07 Jun 2021

I just finished a reading with Ellen. I felt very safe and supported and absolutely appreciated her candour and intuitiveness. Ellen identified areas that were very strong and positive and brought them forward and also provided me with some tools and advice for areas that require work. The conversation was lovely, and Ellen is able to "connect" many of my personal dots. Ellen herself is amazing and I felt that she saw my energies and chakras as they are. I appreciated that she put some healing and protective forces around me to help me get stronger. Overall this was a wonderful experience. Thank you very much Ellen!


Michel D.

31 May 2021

What a wonderful experience shared with Morph into You. She’s very insightful, caring and loving. Accuracy was beyond expectations! Looking forward working with her again


Susanna M.

30 May 2021

Ellen Marie's "Chakra Reading and Healing" session is a portal to pure joy & clarity. She's the real deal: accurate, kind, funny, and oh-so wise. The icing on the cake is that she also happens to be a gifted writer, so her abilities to convey information are cinematic. The session feels like the best dream you will ever have!

Psychic   Medium   Healer

PROPHETIC DREAMS were my introduction into the psychic world, and at a young age. In time I learned to understand ways the "dreaming" mind communicated through imagery and symbols that made sense in my "waking" life. 

I found Carlos Castenada's book THE ART OF DREAMING really helpful during those years.

* * * * * 

I have developed my psychic gifts over the last four decades.

I've studied through the Berkeley Psychic Institute, Lionheart Institute of Transformational Energy Healing, and Cleargreen (Carlos Castenada's Shamanistic Cohorts) and clocked thousands of field hours as an energy worker with my own clientele. I learned how to work on myself long before I was allowed to work on others. 

* * * * * 

I read people, objects, and houses using a combination of my clairvoyant abilities and/or tea leaves, tarot cards, photographs, objects, akashic records, chakras, and auras (the morphogenetic field & the energy body).  

* * * * * 

In HEALINGS, I am accessing information stored in the energy body 

and presenting it in a way that supports growth and forward momentum. 

* * * * * 

I committed to the laws of light long ago, and the energetic truths I've learned along the way. I do not limit my experience on earth by negating the invisible worlds 

alive aplenty all day long around us.

I have removed attachments, reconnected astral cords, cleaned chakras, reconstructed auras, done psychic surgery, wrestled with the devil, played with the little people, been recalibrated by giant Rainbow beings, tormented by ancestors, and comforted by angels. I've even had the dearly departed manipulate my calendar to make sure two loved ones "happened" upon me at the same time. 

This is not an exhaustive list of a typical day-in-the-life-of and if I've learned anything I've learned to trust gifts to enhance yours.  

I am here to shine light on all that you are so you can remember all that you can become, why you're here and how to be the most effective version of yourself possible. 

Let's hop onto your timelines 

and see what your future self is up to.

Clairvoyant Reading  I tune into your name vibration to find your "channel". Once tuned in, I get visions and describe what I see. I can work from an overview perspective in a reading, or with specific questions to help you receive the information you need. We can go back in time or into the future allowing for helpful insights into all aspects of your life and relationships.

Mediumship Reading  Connecting with loved ones who have passed on is an enlightening experience. Often those closely connected with you in life are hovering close at hand to guide you and help you on your path. Spirit gives me insights that I pass on to you. These sessions can be extremely healing to those left behind and can offer a perspective the client may not have considered.

Transformational Energy Healing  In a healing session I clear, align and balance chakras, clear out blocks in energy channels, cleanse the aura, and release energy cords that might limit your growth and ability to manifest your goals. Your higher self guides the healing almost as much as I do by leading me to the "heart of the matter" in a way that is freeing, and healing.

Ultimately it is my goal to give as clear an insight into any concern you may have using any combination of my natural talents and acquired skills. Often people are stuck on the "whats" of life. Understanding the "whys" can allow tremendous growth and healing. 


Sacred Bath 

Soulful Self-Care

Sacred Bath 

Energy Body OM bOMbs 

Embodied Sugar Scrub

Frankincense & Rose Milk Bath

Sacred Sage & Smudge Materials

Don't let the stressors of daily life chunk up your chi or suck your spirit dry. 

Try a Sacred Bath Energy Body OM bOMb

Designed to support the subtle body and aid in multi-dimensional healing, each bomb works its magic while you relax in the bath. A unique formula for each chakra, the aura, and the astral body combine medical grade essential oils with organic coconut oil to stimulate the vital hubs of the subtle body, while an Epsom salt blend draws out impurities.

Embodied Sugar Scrub was designed to help the user feel more present and embodied in their own physical vessel. Sugar exfoliates while coconut oil moisturizes and essential oil blends add the right combination of nourishment and healing support.

Frankincense & Rose Milk Bath is a silky smooth infusion of vitamins A and D and lactic acid. 

We carry:

- white sage 

- blue sage

- white pine 

- cedar

- yerba santa

- eucalyptus

- sage with rose petals

- dragons blood

- mugwort 

- desert sage 

- palo santo

- abalone shells

Got BIG problems? Don't worry. We have BIG wands too. 

We make our own white pine bundles on solstices and shrink wrap them to retain freshness.


Contact Me

I  love hearing from you, so let me know what’s on your mind. Inquire about products or add your name to my mailing list. If you'd like to book a reading, use the "Book Now" button at the top of this page.


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